Your Tyrwhitt Designs. No one else’s.

Your Tyrwhitt Suits. No one else’s.

Suits from $549.


Choose from our carefully selected range of colors, weaves, and weights. Flip through our swatch book of classic Tyrwhitt favorite fabrics and some that are only available through Custom.


As well as having your suit or jacket cut precisely to your measurements, each detail of your tailoring is your choice.

  • Select the finer styling. Choose how lined you want your jacket, whether you’d like a canvas chest piece, what pocket type you prefer, and more.
  • Get personal on the details. The choice is yours: the color of your corozo-nut buttons and of your button thread, flap or patch pockets, and more.
  • Tailored for you. Three pieces or two? Just a jacket? Or perhaps a tuxedo? Pick the tailoring you want, and how you want it.


We build your suit to fit your measurements, with your choice of fabric, fit, buttons, and details. All it takes is a consultation and fittings; and the result is a suit you’ll cherish for years to come.

Whether it’s your everyday uniform, an exceptional piece of tailoring for a special occasion, or the perfect go-to suit for when you need one, a Charles Tyrwhitt Custom suit has you feeling the part in remarkable style.