Since starting this business three decades ago (and putting my middle names to it), I have only ever wanted to help men to dress well and to sleep well at night. Doing things “properly” has always been important to me.

It’s not enough for this business to thrive, it has to do so responsibly. To be a business that matters, that has integrity, and does the right thing. It is about making products properly and sustainably, making our business work for our employees, suppliers, and customers, and above all making sure we care passionately about the impact we have on our planet, so that our planet can look after us.

Doing things properly applies equally to our product, our people and our planet. We must never forget that we can only build our business one person at a time.

Doing things properly is something I’ve cared about deeply about since the beginning. As I get older and perhaps even a little wiser, we are now doubly committed to this philosophy for the next 35 and beyond. I am very excited to find out what we can achieve together.

Nick Wheeler OBE
Founder, Charles Tyrwhitt