Inspired by the new hybrid world we’re living in, The Modern Gentleman’s Handbook is a guide for men on how to navigate this ever-changing world, and how to dress for it. The book discusses the art of gentlemanly dressing, and the art of gentlemanly behaviours. Everything from first impressions and how to iron, to dress codes, grooming, and cocktails.

The Modern Gentleman’s Handbook has the answers from the obvious to the eccentric and obscure, and is the perfect tool to allow one to put their best (and impeccably dressed) foot forward in all social occasions. As we all start to enjoy socialising once again, take away the worry with guidance covering it all; from the office, to weddings and sporting events, and even long weekends away. Knowledge is power and with life skills, including how to iron a shirt to the A to Z of table manners, The Modern Gentleman’s Handbook may just help to boost your confidence. With line illustrations throughout the handbook, this fun and stylish book will allow you to effortlessly elevate your style and reputation as a modern gentleman for today’s world.


To us, the same suit and styling would never work for business and a wedding. Dress codes can have subtle nuances, and The Modern Gentleman’s Handbook breaks it down for you. Learn about the different kinds of suits, and finer details like pocket squares and accessories. Informal events are just as important to navigate with aplomb, as a gentleman stands out even in jeans at the most relaxed of settings.


Great tailoring makes you look good, and it should also make you feel good. With that in mind, we want to look the part of the gentleman as much as embodying his defining characteristics. From cultural touchstones you need to know like essential reading and cocktail recipes, to channelling charisma and travelling etiquette, you’ll always be prepared no matter where you are.


The Modern Gentleman’s Handbook talks you through the perfect shave and the small things which make all the difference. Skincare, beard maintenance, your bedtime routine - these are the daily things we take for granted and can easily improve on. There is an art to grooming, and a few hacks that should make your life easier, for an effortlessly gentlemanly appearance.