We've always - and will always - offer top-quality products that are made to last. But that doesn't stop us from striving to make our collection even better. We're scrutinising and improving our processes from the beginning of a product's life to you wearing it.


It’s a painful truth that the production of garments contributes significantly to environmental pollution including water, air, and soil. With that in mind, we know that taking sustainability seriously means thinking beyond what goes on within Charles Tyrwhitt itself but what’s happening across our whole supply chain.

Therefore, we are committed to making sure sustainability is at the heart of what we do and that the suppliers who manufacture our materials and product are as conscious, ethical and responsible about their environmental and social impact as we are.

You can read our full Ethical Trading Policy here and Modern Slavery Statement here.


We’re already working to make sure our product is the best and most sustainable it can be, from the introduction of sustainable fibres and yarns to reducing wastage at every step of the production process. For example, the washing of our shirts is done in a special machine that uses just a single cup of water! Our industry-leading six-month guarantee also highlights the quality and longevity of every single garment that we make.

When it comes to developing our products we’re determined to find ways to be less harmful to the environment too. That’s why where possible we are removing the need for physical sampling and the associated harm it can cause. Instead we are aiming to use digital sampling for 30% of our relevant products with the ambition to expand that to 50% in the near future. We’re also looking into alternative production methods like digital printing to reduce wastage.


We’re working hard behind the scenes to make sure sustainability extends right through our supply chain. Every year Tyrwhitteers from our product teams travel to meet with our suppliers. We inspect the factories that produce our garments, meet the people who make them and ensure our ethical standards are being achieved.

All of our suppliers conform to the EU's REACH regulations which ensure no harmful chemicals are used in the production process. However, we wanted to go even further and dig deeper into the source of all the materials used in our garments to ensure ethical practices and transparency are core values throughout our entire supply chain as well as at Charles Tyrwhitt.

We’re already following guidance issued by the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) but we want do everything we can to ensure that sustainability runs through our whole operation, right down to suppliers on the other side of the world.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve a virtuous product lifecycle with minimum waste, and the establishment of a 100% transparent and certified supply chain. That means taking our auditing process a step further, so as well as auditing fabric and yarn suppliers, we will extend that process to cover our component suppliers (that’s labels, fusing, buttons and packaging).