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5 Neck Styles,
100% Wool, 22 colours

we know merino

What Is Merino Wool?

If you haven’t worn Merino wool clothing yet, you’ll soon be converted. Merino is a versatile material with loads of exceptional features. The fabric comes from the fleece of Merino sheep, a tough breed known for producing particularly fine and silky wool.
Merino wool is highly valued in the textile industry. Why? Because it’s soft, warm but breathable, anti-allergenic, moisture and odour-resistant, sustainable, and its naturally temperature-regulating so you won’t overheat or feel the chill. Plus, the final garment looks extra refined thanks to the wool’s high quality.
Overall, Merino wool is a popular choice if you want clothes and accessories that are natural, comfortable, and refined.

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5 neck styles

As a London brand, we all know layers are crucial pretty much all year round – even in the office. So invest in a bunch of jumpers you can rely on for all kinds of dress codes and events.

Zip Neck

The Sporty One. Our bestselling knit shows off your work shirt collar, and also feels at home on the weekend with jeans.

Crew Neck

The Timeless One. There’s nothing a crew can’t do! Team it with a smart shirt and suit trousers, or a T-shirt and chinos.

V Neck

The Smart One. The shape suits a shirt and tie for a warm but formal look, or pop your shirt collar open for a more relaxed take

Polo Neck

The Weekend One. For a fresh take on a classic polo, our Merino version is a real upgrade. This layer has a refined finish you can cosy up in on your downtime.

Roll Neck

The Sharp One. Rethink smart, and layer a roll-neck under everything from suits to blazers for work, parties, and dinners this season.

slim style

Do you wear extra slim shirts? If your style means you prefer a slimmer fit, go down a size.

The Dream Fit

Not too tight, not too loose - pick your true size for a regular fit.

Looser Layers

Do you like roomy, classic fit shirts? If your style means you prefer a looser fit, go up a size.

Merino Looks

From work to the weekend and everything in between, a fine, Merino jumper is the answer to staying warm in style; whatever the dress code.

The Knit Crowd

Whether you're drawn to bold and bright colours or you prefer timeless neutrals, our Merino has got the range for every dress code and event. Take our bestselling zip neck - it comes in 8 different blues, because you can never have too many. You might need to make room for a full knitwear wardrobe

Versatile Shades

It doesn't get more versatile than neutrals. We have a spectrum of greys, browns and beiges. You can throw any shirt, trouser and shoe combo at these colours.

The Knit Crowd

Whether you're drawn to bold and bright colours or you prefer timeless neutrals, our Merino has got the range for every dress code and event. Take our bestselling zip neck - it comes in 8 different blues, because you can never have too many. You might need to make room for a full knitwear wardrobe

Deep Shades

From rich navy to autumnal burgundy, these are the essential colours. They go with everything and tend to have a smarter edge you can wear to work and formal parties.

Rainbow Shades

Inject a little style and flair into everyday ensembles with these joyous pops of colour! From fresh aqua to dark pink, these shades uplift plain shirts and trousers in an instant.

How To Care For Your Merino Wool Jumper

As your Merino wool garments are odour-resistant, you won’t need to wash them that often. Merino is easy to clean when the time comes, though.

Here’s what to do:

- Take out contents from any pockets, do up any zips, and turn the garment inside out.
- To hand wash - which is the best option for Merino wool items - soak for 10 to 20 minutes in a bowl of lukewarm water, adding a little detergent. Gently wash the item with your hands and rinse well in fresh water. Gently squeeze out excess water - you don’t want to wring the fabric.
- To machine wash, use the delicate setting and don’t use a temperature higher than 30˚C. Use a gentle liquid detergent.
- To dry the garment, hang it up or lay it flat. Never put in the tumble dryer.
- Store where the moths can’t get in. They just love wool!

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Difference Between Merino Wool And Cashmere

Merino comes from sheep’s fleece and cashmere from goat hair. After ages of honing Merino breeding, the wool is finer and softer than cashmere. Its pliability makes Merino wool machine washable and easy to look after, while cashmere is sensitive to washing.
There are also differences in where the materials come from. Cashmere is produced in China and Mongolia, while the globe’s Merino wool comes from places like Spain, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. Lastly, Merino sheep provide more wool than cashmere goats.

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A superhero among fibres. Fine, warm, and ultra-soft, it's exceedingly comfortable next to the skin. But Merino's high-tech benefits go so much further than that, and it's all thanks to some tough sheep.

100% Woolmark-Certified

All of our Merino wool clothing is Woolmark-certified. This is an assurance that the garment you're wearing meets exceptionally high-quality standards and that the wool has been rigorously tested for durability and performance.

Natural performance

Our Merino wicks away moisture to keep you feeling fresh, and resists odours to keep you smelling good too. Often referred to as 'nature's performance fabric', Merino wool offers advantages you might otherwise associate with sportswear.

Versatile layering

Our Merino is much lighter and more breathable than other types of wool and helps regulate your body temperature by releasing excess heat. Its fine fibres create lots of tiny air pockets, trapping in cosiness to create a wonderfully insulated layer.

Low maintenance

Our Merino can be machine washed on a cool setting or wool programme, without fabric conditioner. This is partly because conditioner coats the fibres, but you'll also find that Merino is soft enough without any extra help

Smooth Operator

Due to its soft, fine texture, Merino wool is non-allergenic, so it won’t make you itch. It’s a perfect fabric choice for people with sensitive skin, allergies, or conditions like eczema. The strands are only about a third of a human hair’s diameter, making it so comfortable you can even wear your best Merino sweater without a shirt underneath. Thanks to its fineness and elasticity, Merino wool also isn’t prone to wrinkling. Some garments may need light ironing, but you can mostly get away with air drying.

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Strong And Long-lasting

Merino wool has a naturally crimped appearance and feel. This gives it more stretch and durability, as well as the warmth. As the fibres from this wool are naturally long, they’re also stronger than other fabrics. This means you won’t easily get holes in your favourite Merino jumper. Nice.

A Sun Savvy Choice

Merino wool can also protect your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Many other fabrics like nylon, cotton, and linen don’t repel UV rays as well as Merino does. If you have sun-sensitive skin, Merino is an ideal option.


Merino sheep grow enough fleece to be shorn yearly, making the wool a renewable resource. When discarded, the wool also breaks down in about 12 months. This makes the wool an ideal eco-friendly material option.