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We know: describing anything as "the Ultimate" is a bold statement. But just wait until you see this dapper new suit...



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The magic behind this exceptional collection is the wool. We've used 100% Super 120s wool, and some of the pieces have an extra-strong 4-ply construction. The soft yet durable yarn has natural crease recovery, making sure that you look sharp all day. That's not all. We've looked again at the tailoring for this collection, amending the cut to create even more flattering fits. Finally, there's a selection of refined shades to choose from.

  • 100% Super 120s Wool
  • Available in slim fit only
  • Natural Stretch and crease recovery fabric
  • Jacket: Single breasted with two-button closure
  • Jacket: AMF stitching
  • Pants: Half-lined to the knee
  • Vest: Available in adjustable fit
  • Dry clean only