Purchasing items within multibuys are a fantastic way to make an additional saving!

Our Multibuy prices are available to you, when you purchase the minimum number of items applicable to that particular offer. The minimum number can be acheived by combining with sale items. You can now mix and match within product ranges (Formal, Casual and Luxury Shirts) though not across different products (Ties, Shirts, Chinos). When selecting your chosen items, please look out for the roundels on the product picture which contains specific pricing information. Our system will automatically recognise any existing multibuy offer and apply it to your basket. *Please read our terms and conditions carefully, if you would like to add a temporary offer code/voucher code our Multibuys may become invalid.

Shirts multibuy

4 Shirts
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Tie multibuy

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pants multibuy

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Sock multibuy

3 for
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Buy 2 merino Sweaters
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Polohemdne Angebot

Buy 2 Polos
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