We know you like to get every detail just so, right down to your shirt cuffs. As well as bringing a subtle touch of distinction to your look, the perfect cuff tallies with the formality of your shirt and the occasion. Not sure which to choose? Take the advice of a shirtmaker.


Though there's just a glimpse of sleeve emerging from under your jacket (half an inch to an inch is ideal), a formal outfit still requires impeccable cuffs. You have two main choices – the traditional double cuff or the versatile button cuff.


The name 'double cuff' describes the cuff's construction – it's double the length of its single counterpart and folds back on itself to be secured with a cufflink. If you've ever wondered 'what is a French cuff shirt?', it's just another term for a double cuff, possibly named after the shirts worn by Napoleonic soldiers, who presumably liked to look suave for battle. Double cuffs are available on all of our dress shirts.

  • The double cuff dress shirt is a go-to for formal occasions, from black tie events to weddings
  • The folded-back construction delivers a crisp, elegant look
  • Use cufflinks or a pair of silk knots to fasten them


The button cuff shirt is our most popular formal design, thanks to its versatility. It comes in two variations – rounded twin and mitred twin – and best of all, both will take you effortlessly from business meetings to formal events. Can you wear cufflinks with a button cuff shirt? It already comes with a button (or two), so no. If you want to don your favourite cufflinks, you'll need our French cuff shirts.

  • A two-button cuff with a gently rounded edge
  • Available with classic or semi-spread collars
  • A traditionally smart option, suitable for formal events or wearing with your business suit

  • A two-button single cuff, this time with an angled edge instead of the curved corner
  • Available with spread and semi-spread collars that subtly echo the cuff's edge
  • Smart, but more contemporary than the rounded edition


At Charles Tyrwhitt, you'll find informal shirts that still have those sharply tailored cuffs. Our long-sleeved casual shirts have a twin-button fastening, together with a discreet gauntlet button. This small button sits between the cuff and the end of the cuff opening – a dapper detail that keeps the opening neatly closed. Choose from two types of casual button cuff.

  • A button cuff with a rounded edge
  • Adjust the buttons to suit your wrist size
  • Available with our classic and button-down collar shirts
  • Choose this for a timeless, relaxed-casual look

  • The mitred edge creates a more modern feel
  • Adjust the button for a perfect fit
  • Opt for this shirt cuff design if you're aiming for a contemporary casual look


  • Button cuffs with timeless rounded corners
  • Just one button for pared-back style
  • An understated look that will work under a knit or a blazer