How does our shirts multibuy work?

Tyrwhitt's multibuy deal means that taking a nice little stack of shirts in a single purchase is better value than buying them individually.
We're terribly good to you, aren't we? Here's how it works.


Choose 4 or more shirts

You can select shirts from across:

  • all ranges
  • sizes
  • collar types
  • and styles

that the multibuy covers. They needn't all be the same, or even for the same person.


Check the multibuy

When enough shirts are in your basket, their prices will drop down to the multibuy price (as per the roundel).

If a shirt already costs less than $59.75, you won't see its price reduce any further - but it will still count towards the multibuy deal.


Enjoy your savings

The multibuy savings will apply automatically when you reach the checkout.

Presto. Enjoy your brand new pile of shirts!

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