We won’t beat around the bush - we’re part of an industry that’s a huge contributor to environmental pollution. Because we make clothes, we have a responsibility to make every aspect of our business as sustainable as possible. We’ve committed to reducing our impact on the environment; read on for our current initiatives and future commitments.


In 2021, we started our sustainability journey proper by committing to measure and reduce our carbon footprint with the help of Planet Mark - an internationally-recognised sustainability consultant and certification body.

Together, we set ourselves an ambitious target; to reduce our total organisational emissions by 5% over the next year. Roll on 2022, and we’re proud to report that by taking direct action in the areas we control, our total carbon reduction is 35.3%.

Our founder Nick Wheeler talks with the founder of Planet Mark, Steve Malkin, about how businesses can help beat climate change:


Reducing our carbon footprint was a big step forward in our ambitions to become a more climate positive business, but we know there is still so much more we can do to truly make a difference. This year, we are proud to become a carbon neutral business for the first time, choosing to offset 150% of our organisational emissions. To do this, we have partnered with Ecologi – an environmental organisation focused on impactful climate solutions.

We've helped fund the first ever wind power project in Honduras. This project prevents the emission of 226,978 tonnes of carbon every year, by replacing energy from burning fossil fuels with wind power.

We've also funded a wind power project in Mexico, which will save 245,015 tonnes of carbon emissions every year with its clean energy. This project also educates kids about the importance and value of natural energy.

Alongside these clean energy projects, we know one of the most effective ways to aid the planet's recovery is to plant trees. So far this year, we've planted over 26,000 trees across the UK, Argentina, Uganda, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco and Mozambique - with big plans to grow our forest even further!

Find out more about the projects we're funding on our Ecologi profile here.

"We're a carbon neutral business, and have offset 150% of our carbon emissions."

Through Planet Mark we also do our bit to support Cool Earth - a charity working alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation, preserve wildlife and support the local people. Every year, we contribute to saving an acre of endangered rainforest. Our pledge through Cool Earth directly aids the Asháninka people, indigenous to the rainforests of Peru.

To combat climate change, we know educating future generations is crucial. That's why we donate to the Eden Project - a charity that educates on what we can do to beat the planetary emergency, and how we can reach social equity through local and global projects.

Find out more about the great things Planet Mark, Cool Earth and the Eden Project are doing to stop climate change at planetmark.com, coolearth.org and edenproject.com.

"So far this year, we've planted over 26,000 trees across the UK, Argentina, Uganda, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco and Mozambique - with big plans to grow our forest even further!"


Since our shirts are made to last, it makes no sense to throw them away after a style refresh. We've launched an in-store shirt recycling scheme with the British Heart Foundation, to make sure preloved shirts can be reused.

You can bring in old shirts and polos to a UK Tyrwhitt store - from any brand - and you'll receive some money off a fresh shirt as a thank you.

Shirts in good nick will be resold in BHF shops, or they'll be recycled and repurposed. Last year in the UK, we saved 14,000 tonnes of shirts that were destined for landfill. This year, with your help, we know we can beat this!

In the future we aim to offer a similar recycling programme across our other product areas too - watch this space.

"Last year in the UK, we played our part in helping BHF save 14,000 tonnes of shirts that were otherwise destined for landfill."


We've been busy behind the scenes making our packaging as green as it can be. We started with the big one - the bag our products are mailed in. They're now made from sugar cane oil and because this material is nice and light, they also save us 650 tonnes of carbon a year in shipping. Bonus!

We’ve eliminated all single use plastic from our shirt packaging, also taking care to remove unnecessary inserts and tissue paper. The inserts we have kept (to keep our shirt looking flawless) are made from FSC certified cardboard, along with our shoeboxes and swingtags. The remainder of our product packaging is made from recycled materials, including our polybags which are made from recycled plastic. We encourage our customers to recycle or reuse our packaging wherever they can.

Did we mention that the paper bags we use in-store are made from recycled material and are recyclable too? Once the cord handles are removed, the bag can be popped into any paper/card recycling bin.

Our packaging experts remain focused on finding ways to be greener still, so keep your eyes peeled for more exciting sustainable packaging developments coming very soon!

"The main bags we mail our products in are made from sugar cane oil. This material is nice and light, so they save us 650 tonnes of carbon a year in shipping."