How does our shirts multibuy work?

Tyrwhitt's multibuy deal means that taking a nice little stack of shirts in a single purchase is better value than buying them individually.
We're terribly good to you, aren't we? Here's how it works.


Mix and Match 4 (or more) shirts or polos

Go for any of our shirts and polos - any collar, size and design. You could even mix and match to get some for yourself and some as a gift.


Watch the Savings Roll in

Once you’ve added at least 4 shirts and/or polos to your basket, you’ll see the price automatically reduce. Easy peasy.


Head to Checkout

Check your savings, checkout and enjoy your new shirts!

*Throughout the year, our multibuy offer can change from 4 shirts for a special price to 3 or even 2! Simply add the qualifying amount to your basket to activate the offer.

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