models wearing Charles Tyrwhitt performance suit

We’re not saying these clothes will prompt you to start prancing around centre stage, take up juggling or suddenly give you the urge to learn how to dance. It’s quite the opposite really. The whole point is that the CLOTHES perform for YOU.


Cyclists, rush-hour train takers and drive-to-workers should all rejoice in the arrival of our Performance Suit. It’s comfortable, crease-resistant and immaculately smart.
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ok, commuter

The Super 120s merino wool has a natural stretch with an added 2% elastane, resulting in a supple crease-resistant cloth. The jacket is a contemporary shape, cut shorter, with a lower button fastening, and soft shoulders; the trousers have a stretch waistband to ensure comfort wherever you travel.
suit detail: creas resistant

2% Elastane means the cloth can resist creasing

suit detail: stretch

A subtle stretch means the suit moves with you

suit detail: soft shoulder construction

Soft shoulder construction

models wearing suits, chinos and shoes

If you tick any of the above boxes you’ll enjoy...

travel blazer

Travel Blazer

Our trail blazing Travel Blazer is cut from lightweight wool, woven in Italy and is perfect for the commute.

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performance shoes

Performance Shoes

Performance Shoes – with flexible soles and memory foam cushioning – are just about the most comfortable thing you can put on your feet.

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dress down,

don't slow down

non iron shirts

Non-iron shirts

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non iron chinos

non-iron chinos

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merino knitwear

merino knitwear

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