Are those new pants?

Tyrwhitt pants are designed for every gentleman. Fits and sizes accommodate bottoms and thighs in comfort and elegance, and four shapes – each in an array of styles to pick from – grant you a pant for every occasion.


What you need: A smart pair of pants in the most elegant tailoring.

What you need it for: Business, sprucing up, and occasions on the formal side.

Your solution: OUR SMART PANTS

A smart, tailored style cut to gradually slim down towards the hem for an elegant silhouette. It brings a tailored slant to business and smart casual looks. Available in non-iron and stretch versions to fit your purpose.

What you need: A modern style; the perfect smart-casual pant.

What you need it for: Work, play, and everything in between.


This is a versatile, modern style suitable for different occasions. Cut to a trim, streamlined silhouette, it’s perfect for dawn-to-dusk hassle-free dressing - from casual to smart. It comes in the life-changing Ultimate Chino version packed with life-changing technology, from non-iron to stain-release.

What you need: A laidback, easy pant in a timeless cut.

What you need it for: Downtime. Weekends. Putting your feet up.

Your solution: OUR CASUAL PANTS

A relaxed, easy-to-wear style of timeless appeal. Straight-cut to ample proportions for utmost comfort. Perfect to put your feet up in; just as perfect when you’re hitting the ground, getting down to business.

What you need: A straight-cut pant that feels like a pair of jeans.

What you need it for: Dressing both up and down: smart-casual at the office and elegant out of it.

Your solution: OUR 5-POCKET PANTS

Cut to a straight leg, shaped, and detailed like a pair of jeans (it even has the coin pocket!), these pants aren't tight or baggy; and can be dressed up or down. They’re ideal for downtime, but will fit the bill for an office appearance of utmost elegance.

2- Your build = your fit

Here's the clever part. Choose the fit that dresses your build, independently of your size.

Full build

Full build

Your build: Shapely, full behind and thighs.

Your pant issue: tightness, overexposure, and fabric-ripping.

Your solution: our Full-build Classic pant fit; generously cut to accommodate your body’s lower half in comfort and for an elegant look.

Regular build

Regular build

Your build: Not full, not flat; often muscular.

Your pant issue: pants a little too wide or too tight.

Your solution: our Regular-build Slim pant fit; cut to make the most of your legs, allowing you to move freely, comfortably, and elegantly.

Lean build

Lean build

Your build:Flat behind and/or skinny thighs.

Your pant issue: the ‘saggy bottom’ look with leftover fabric around the upper leg.

Your solution: our Lean-build Extra Slim pant fit; cut trim enough to fit your lean legs and behind to perfection.

3- your size

Start with your waist and leg length. It's the same as usual.